Rule {Breaker} #1

Hi there! Ange here!

This week I want to touch upon a fashion rule that many still follow, but one that I personally believe is totally outdated and needs removed from “The Book”.

Labor Day 2015 came and went as quickly as the summer months. I was left feeling excited for sweater weather, yet slightly bummed that I had to retire my whites and other summer-style staples.

However, with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve gotten in Northwestern PA the last few days, I got to thinking, “Why put my whites out of sight?” 

Aren’t rules made to be broken anyway?! 😉

I’ve styled three different outfits with my favorite white denim. These can easily transition into fall and even into winter! *gasp!* Can you imagine?! Everyone in beautiful winter whites…

Look #1


Rose Pink Sweater Forever 21

White Jeans Old Navy / This style is a “Pixie” pant which is meant to stop at the ankle. On me, they fit as full length pants… #petiteprobz

Scalloped Cheetah Flats Payless

Look #2

White 2

Scarf JCPenney / I purchased my scarf in the spring, the new version I linked that came out for fall/winter is made of a heavier material. So cozy!

Red Hi-Lo Sweater H&M / This is a sweater I’ve had in my closet for awhile now. I found a very similar style at Express that has a zipper down the back.

White Jeans Old Navy

Boots Payless / This style is no longer available, but there are some equally adorable ones at Target

Look #3

White 3

Green Military Cargo Jacket Max Jeans

Gingham Shirt JCPenney / A similar style in a bunch of different colors can be found on Vinyard Vines

Necklace J Crew / Similar style is now available on J Crew Factory

White Jeans Old Navy

Ankle Boots Carlos

Hope you enjoy this week! Please stop by again, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post. I would love to see how you style your favorite white pieces. Don’t ever be afraid to bend {or break} the rules!

Golden foil texture, realistic illustration, whole background


P.S. I would like to give a special shoutout to my “photographer” this week. My very supportive husband Patrick really learned a lot about being behind the lens, and how to move his thumb out of the way!


One thought on “Rule {Breaker} #1

  1. I just adore this blog and you both!! Constantly checking it for new style tips from such effortlessly classy women 🙂 Thank you for your shared wisdom of fashion and all things pretty.


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