Fancy Faux-Hawk Tutorial

Happy Wednesday Bloggers, Allie here!
Today is a bonus day for all of you readers out there.

Today has been such a motivating day for me. I received my FLAT TUMMY TEA in the mail this morning. My first cup is currently sitting next to me as I am typing away. It’s probably the best cup of tea I have ever tasted. It’s soothing and minty. Highly recommended if you are done with a bloated tummy.

I also am taking a leap on my social media fun and launched my Facebook Page for Pepdoos. The love and support from all of you is what makes this process so much more fun for me. I am so excited to share my journey as a stylist with the media world.
Click here to give it a thumbs up + stay updated with the blog and hair tutorials.

So with all that being said, today’s post is my first picture tutorial. I’ll be giving you a step by step on one of my favorite updos of all time.  It’s the fancy faux-haux. This tutorial was modeled by Angela. This is an easy updo you can also achieve on yourself. If you need to add a little funk to your outfit or are going out for a night downtown, this is absolutely the hairdo to give that outfit a statement!

Tools and products you will need to achieve this look:

-Bobby Pins
-One-Inch Curling Iron
-Teasing Comb

image1 copy

image1Step 1: Create a triangle section in the front of the head and back comb it with your teasing comb. Spray that section with your volume hairspray to hold it in place.

Step 2: Brush that triangle section back so its nice and smooth. Simply twist the hair and bobby pin leaving the front with a small poof.

Step 3: Take that extra hair that is laying out and create barrel curl with your curling iron.

Step 4: Push that curl down and pin it into place. Work the hair to its natural fall. This will be the start to the faux-hawk.

Step 5: Take small horizontal sections from each side of your hair and simply twist those pieces away from your face into the center of your faux-hawk.

Step 6: At the base, secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 7: Repeat this process working left to right.

Step 8: Spray the entire faux-hawk to secure it.

Golden foil


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