Be bold, be bright, be beaUtiful


I have been so anxious and excited to finally show you this week’s post. Do you have that one friend who is just as bold and beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside? I have no doubt in my mind that I am one lucky girl to call this gal my friend.

Emmy is hands down the best friend a girl could possibly ask for. She is a great backbone and supporter to me the past couple of years and I honestly am so happy with the friendship we have built since then.

I couldn’t help but make her stand in front of that camera for me on her little quick visit back home. We laughed, drank wine and played dress up just like we were 12 all over again. It’s exactly what both of us needed.

This girl could seriously rock just about anything in the world, and thank goodness for the endless amounts of hair she has I can play with.

This braided mohawk was inspired by one of my favorite instagramers: LALAUPDOS
It’s fun, bold + so unique!

& then there’s the endless contagious Emmy laugh that can always lighten up the room and make my day at any given moment. Emmy could be having the worst day in the world, but still manage to make others laugh. I think that’s one thing I adore about her.

The outfit she is modeling is so perfect for a day on the job. Something simple but yet very classy and comfy. Three of my favorite things about fashion. You don’t always have to be in pain when trying to dress to impress!

Outfit Details:

Michael Kors Handbag //  J.Crew Blazer // H&M Black Jumpsuit

This won’t be the last of you all seeing my beautiful Emmy, so until next time..

Golden foil

Allie + Emmy

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