Throwback Thursday

Happy Thirsty Thursday, Cinco De Mayo + of course Throwback Thursday everyone!
Ange and I were looking forward to todays post.
Since May is prime time Prom season we thought we’d give all our followers a little throwback in time from when we went to prom featuring some of our close friends!

Oh how times have changed. Back in 2007 is when Angela went to prom for the very first time with none the less, my brother-in-law Pat! How cute are they! It will be 10 years this month that these two love birds have been together, and it’s always so fun to look back on their journey together. All the proms, all the formals, they’ve done it together side by side. It’s pretty cool if you ask me!
FullSizeRender copySo the best advice I can give you ladies with full confidence: is that there are so many ways to make or break your dress — cut, color, material, length, etc. Say you’ve narrowed down your options, you are down to two dresses, but they are completely different! Go with the one everyone else wouldn’t pick off the rack. It only shows its true beauty on your body. You won’t think twice and you know deep down thats exactly what your gut was saying the entire time.

Let’s break it down in style for you.

FullSizeRender copy 2The Ball Gowns + The Plains. Not only do these babies weigh like they need another car seat when buckled in on your way to pictures, they also take up enough textile to make another full-length dress. They are fun and totally prom though. They will absolutely make a statement when you walk in the dance. And you can never go wrong with a solid color with an awesome unique neckline. They flatter all body types, and you feel 100% confident. {PLUS, your ladies won’t be going anywhere all night 😉 }

The Mermaid. Oh yes the mermaid. This has to be hands down one of my favorite prom dresses of all time. It was fun but yet contours the rest of the body. The mermaid dress, you’re not a girl, not yet a woman. It isn’t for everyone, and therefore a bit out of your comfort zone. But its senior year and you are trying to finish it off just right. How could you not want to try an all over sequin dress and look like Ariel.

FullSizeRender copy 3
The Prints.  The sexy back, the deep-V in the front and the sweetheart necklines, always make those patterns what they are! A slight opening at the back is a way for you to undergo the initial stages of becoming a wild girl! Baby steps, little one. Baby steps.

The Corsette Back. Your one goal that entire night… to look like a princess. NAILED IT, ANGE! The poofy bottom is perfect for that flirty side, and those gloves, and princess crown…. FABULOUS! She’s ready to roll up at Cinderella’s castle to dance the night away with her Prince Charming!

Flowy, Flirty and Thriving.  Your plan to be a dance machine and have rehearsed your moves in front of the mirror about a million times.  Nothing’s going to hold you back, you’ll be able to bust a move like nobody’s business with the most flowy dress at the prom. Be fashion-forward.  Remember, it’s important to do a little dance party in your dress before the big night.


And last but not least – The Hi-Low Hem. Long dresses all around tend to be the more traditional choice for prom, so if you want to stand out a little bit, opt for a short in the front, long in the back ruffled skirt. They always say, business in the front, party in the back. This so happens to be the most comfortable dress I wore to any Prom. Remember, it’s important to sport sexy shoes if you plan on going short in the front, as your shoes will be a huge part of your look. BAM, done and done!

Phew! Lots of beautiful girls in some stunning dresses!
We want to thank our besties, Ariel, Taylor, Brittnay, Emmy + Lisa for letting us show off their favorite dresses they wore to prom! We would love to see all of your throwback Prom dresses today. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram or hashtag #inourstyleblog.
Check back on Sunday!!!!!!

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