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It’s Prom Time! Which means you have probably been daydreaming about this night only for the entire school year! Today is all about those little details all us girls go over in our heads a bunch of times. You aren’t alone. We’ve all been there!

Dream Dress. You have imagined it, and you probably even have sketched it – Don’t over think it. The one that stands out from all the others, and the one you always go back to, THAT IS THE DREAM DRESS. Your taste will be completely different than your friends. Their opinion is always nice to have, just remember you are the one wearing the dress!

Dress Shopping. You know what you are looking for, and you probably have already done some serious research –Shopping will honestly be one of the most fun but stressful experiences you can anticipate from prom! Have fun with it though. That time is so special for you, and your mom!!!! I was able to find this beauty for $45 with a 15% discount code on Swoon boutique. Click HERE to see their amazing collection of reasonable priced dresses. The style I am wearing is currently SOLD OUT, but similar HERE + HERE

Perfect Fit.  You don’t just want to own your dream dress; you want to rock your dream dress! The most amazing thing about dresses is that there is an unlimited selection to help you find the most perfect match. Enjoy the body shape you were given. There will be that one that exactly fits your desires.

Dream Date. While by no means do you have to bring a date to have a fabulous time at prom, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of what prom would be like with that awesome person you can’t stop thinking about! Take the leap and just ask them already! Trust me, if I knew this hunk back in high school there’s no way I could pass up a chance to take him as my date.

image1 (1)


Skin + Makeup + Hair. Whether you are having a professional do the work, or you are tackling it all on your own – every girl fantasizes about looking spectacular from head to toe at prom! All makeup used here was purchased from ULTA.





The Perfect Flower. It’s the statement, and it’s just the small detail that finishes off the outfit. A simple flower can make any dress pop, and make your date look more handsome as ever. Angela has enjoyed doing some Silk flower arrangements on top of her full time job that consumes her life. She was able to put this piece together without hesitation. She is crazy talented, and I know her love for this can get her so far someday!

Well ladies there you have it! I hope all these little side notes help you for one of the most memorable nights of your high school days. Be safe, take lots of pictures but most importantly, HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

Just wanted to give a special shout out to this amazing boy once again. He would do anything in the world for me, and I am easily the luckiest girl in the world to be in love with my very best friend. Thank you always for supporting me + being such a trooper.

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