Leaving On A Jet Plane

Hi There! Ange Here!

I’m currently up in the clouds, literally. I am traveling somewhere *magical* and I can’t wait to share all the happiness and joy with you!


I will be posting each of my vacation outfits daily on our instagram @inourstyleblog this week and then will combine all of the details and links in next Sunday’s post.

{If you just can’t wait a whole week to shop my looks, just send me a direct message on instagram or leave a comment on the photo!}

Today, let’s talk about travel day. I want to cover the travel essentials I have with me, as well as my travel checklist, and an easy rule book for carry-ons. I hope you can refer back to this post when planning your next adventure!


Travel Essentials


// Blanket Scarf / Zara // Wedges / Dr. Scholl’s // Sunglasses / Charming Charlie //

// Long Cardigan / Kohls // Soft Cotton Tee / Kohls // Boyfriend Jeans / American Eagle //

I’m not going to lie, there are times when I feel that my life and routines are anything but low maintenance. But when I travel, I do my very best to bring only what is necessary and pack items I just can’t go without.

You know that game we used to play, “If stranded on an island and you only had 3 things what would they be?”

Let’s bump that up to a list of top 5 items, and exclude anything actually imperative for life and I can name mine!

1 ~Backup iPhone Battery Charger~



These little babies come in so handy! They are small enough to fit in purse and I can use my phone all day long without worrying about conserving battery bars. Just plug in and keep going!

2 ~Blanket Scarf~



It doesn’t matter what season it is, I will never travel without an oversized scarf that doubles as a pillow or a blanket during a flight.

3 ~Cute and Comfortable Shoes~



The journey to any destination may seem long. But there is no reason not to travel in style. My favorite pair of wedges are actually made by Dr. Scholl’s and allow me to walk (or run) easily and comfortably between gates.

4 ~Chewing Gum~


Ordinarily I don’t chew a lot of gum in my every day life. Put me on a plane and it’s my jam. It keeps my mouth feeling fresh in the dry air of a plane cabin, the mint settles my stomach, and it prevents clogged ears from changing air pressure. Doctor’s orders 😉

5 ~An Escape~


No not an escape from the plane, an escape from time. Enjoy moments free of distractions of the world below. Set your phone to airplane mode and enjoy a good read, some music, or an in-flight movie. It will help to pass the time. Lately I’ve been a podcast junky, so I’ve downloaded lots of episodes in preparation of my trip.


Travel Checklist


// Monogram overnight bag / Initial Outfitters // Bikinis / Victoria’s Secret //

// Sunnies / Charming Charlie // Flip Flops / Lauren Conrad

If you are an over-packer like me, you will most likely need to tailor this list in order to fit what is absolutely necessary for you into your luggage. But this gives you a good idea, head to toe, of things to consider for your travel.

travel checklistClick here for a printable version of this checklist!


Travel Rule-Book

So your bags are packed and you’re ready to go…almost! There is nothing worse than trying to get through airport security and having them tell you that something in your luggage is not approved and that you have to leave it behind.

Always, always, always follow the 3:1:1 rule when it comes to carrying on any liquids.

liquids rule

More information is available at tsa.gov as well as a list of what is considered a liquid.

Carry on and checked baggage size and weight varies by airline, so it is important to check with your specific travel plans before packing.

carry on


That’s all for now! I’ll post when I land in my happy place! Don’t forget to stop by our instagram for daily updates and views!

Golden foil


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