DIY PomPom Pumps

Okay, so maybe these aren’t “pumps” per say, but these adorably perky sandals are the perfect summer kicks! And they make for a fun DIY project too!

We have been seeing this trend of pom poms and other adorable charms adorning lace-up sandals almost EVERYWHERE! So we were easily inspired and had to get in on it.

The designer versions can cost a pretty penny, but ours cost about $25 and just a little bit of time!

First, start with a great pair of lace-up gladiator sandals. We found ours at Old Navy for $24 and they have the tassels on the top! BONUS! This pair also comes in black!

Next, head on over to your local craft store for pom poms. There are endless possibilities when it comes to color combinations so have fun and be unique!

We found it best to place the pom poms with straight pins in the locations we were going to sew them so we could map out the look before stitching!

* Twinkle toes! *

Loeffler Randall $250

Elina Linardaki $189

In Our Style ~ $25

Not too shabby! We hope you feel inspired to add some fun to one of your pieces this week! Use our hashtag #inourstyleblog on Instagram so we can see what you come up with!

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