Sweet Arm Candy

We know we’re not alone in loving all things pretty, and lately we’ve been all about glitter, sparkle, and shine.

We recently partnered with an amazing brand called Boho Betty. The company started in the United Kingdom but has since branched here in the States. 

{Here are some of our favorite pieces from our first shipment}

We absolutely love that each bracelet is inspired by a special place around the world. 

The cuff pictured above is the Lake Erie double wrap bracelet, and we may be biased, but it’s one of our faves since we live and grew up on Lake Erie! 

We also love how versatile their other double wrap bracelets are. They have so many different colors that can be stacked to compliment any outfit! Pictured above are Espresso and Royal

Their website allows you to browse by style and collection, so there is something easily found for everyone! The dainty pieces pictured above are part of the Casual Charm collection. How sweet is that little tassel?!

The Taipan bracelet has become an absolute daily essential. It effortlessly pulls the most simple outfit together. 

We hope you head over to Boho Betty and take a look at all of their unique pieces. 

Use our code INOURSTYLEBLOG at check out for 20% off! And there is always free shipping!

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

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