My go-to lipsticks

Rise and Shine.
Today’s post is all about two amazing lipstick lines I just can’t seem to stop talking about.

Although the brands have a variety of products, Kylie Cosmetics + ColourPop are my two favorite go-to lipsticks. So, when I saw there was going to be a liquid matte lipstick line I was all over it.

KC_Logo_Black.png         imgres.png

My initial reaction was to buy all the colors.

Let me tell you, the formula is GREAT. Like, crazy great.

The first thing I noticed with both lines is that it’s nice and creamy. It dried to a beautifully matte finish. It wears very comfortably. The colors are absolutely stunning.. All colors are so vibrant and pretty! The wear time was a solid 6-8 hours with minimal eating and drinking, but I kid you not with the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick I ate ribs, and nothing budged. One tip I do have is to make sure to really exfoliate your lips before application so you can get the most wear time (and the best look) out of it.


You won’t be disappointed. Check them out. Your lips will thank you.

Keeping today’s post short and sweet.

Golden foil texture, realistic illustration, whole background


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