Makeup Bag

Changing things up this week on In Our Style. Makeup has no secrets!
I’m sharing my favorite everyday makeup necessities that get me started in the day.

Working in the profession that I do, I feel like no matter what I’m doing, there’s always something better to improve on. Whether it be a new product, tool or style that works better than the one I’ve even using I am always open for new ideas and tricks.

Make up is the same way. Every line works a little different, shades fulfill our skin tones for what feels best on us and depending on what mood you are in to cover your face with, you’ve got options…..endless options!

For me, walking into a store with makeup can be extremely overwhelming sometimes and not knowing enough knowledge on the product I’m considering can leave me feeling discouraged. Hopefully my easy makeup necessities will give you the courage to get a new brand to try!

When I tell you my everyday look takes me no more than 10 minutes, I am not kidding!

Mary Kay CC Cream and Mineral Foundation are the perfect base for my face and leave it with no signs of “caked on” application.

You can purchase Mary Kay through a local Mary Kay consult or browsing on their website.

Anastasia Bold Brow Kit…$36 can be purchased HERE.
itCosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer…$10 can be purchased HERE.
Ulta Contour Kit…$18 similar can be purchased HERE.

These three of my all time favorite tools to use on my face.
I refuse to go a day without them and all continuing to be natural. I never feel overloaded with product.

itCosmetics Superhero mascara is by far my FAVORITE mascara I’ve ever worn. I constantly get stopped by strangers asking if they are my real lashes. The product is easy to remove. You can purchase that HERE.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Glosses 😍 SELF EXPLANATORY.
They smell like vanilla, long lasting and not thick when applying!
Last all day with no signs of fading!
Purchase those HERE.

Skin care: I will admit I am the absolute worst when it comes to keep my face clean. I can only blame myself when I beautiful zit comes my way at the worst possible times.

But when I do take the time to cleanse my skin I use Clean & Clear Advantage Kit. Three easy steps and only do it 3-4 times a week. You can purchase the kit HERE.

Derma 9 Zone Mask has just come to my attention a couple weeks ago. What I love most about this product is that each bottle targets different parts of your face. I use this once a week and can feel such a difference after one time. You can purchase the kit HERE. and use CODE: LOVE25 to get 25% off your purchase.


And last but not least the Urban Decay Setting Spray to keep our beautiful masterpieces in place! You can purchase that HERE.

Well my pretties its been fun!
xo, Allie.

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