Saint Patricks Day!

Well another successful St. Patty’s Day for the books! But let’s face it, when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it simply doesn’t get any bigger than doing a full day of bar crawling with your closest friends and family. Because Lord knows there’s nothing cute about being obliterated before noon, So I have learned… maintain a cool and collected buzz by pacing yourself throughout the day.

To those who may wonder what this years outfit included I have provided two flat lays of my favorite Patty’s day wardrobe.

O’Talian Shamrock Shirt can be purchased here
Green Sequin Pencil Skirt can be purchased here (only $9.99!)
Ruffled Sleeve Sweater can be purchased here

Keeping it short and sweet this week.

SOOOOO Looking forward to being back next weekend for my 80’s dance wardrobe.


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