Hoppy Sunday

Happy Easter to all our followers out there. 🐰

Hey everyone, it’s me Allie!

As some of you may know I have taken up on a new side craft I think I’m finally ready to share. KEY WORD: THINK.

I am always a nervous wreck when trying to promote myself only because I want everything to be perfect, and make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. I guess it just comes with the profession I do on the daily.

This all started about three years ago when I had a pair of white keds for a Halloween costume and of course with the bar scene comes dirty results… I woke up thinking I just spent almost $40 bucks on a pair of white shoes I can never wear again because of how black they are.

Well my friends, something triggered into my little brain and here we are three years later creating some canvas shoes that have gotten some awesome feedback!

I would have to say Lilly Pulitzer and Disney are my favorite things to draw. All are free-handed and created simply just from looking at the design. I really surprised myself on how quickly I’ve come to love Acrylic Art.

I feel like these have come such a statement in fashion and to tell you the truth they make the rest of your outfit stand out!

To all my magical Disney fans,

What better way to explore the parks than with comfortable shoes!


With these being my all time favorite, I was so thrilled with how these turned out.  Where are all my Beauty & the Beast Fans at? My heart just skips a beat just talking about it!

These shoes are great for birthdays, special occasions, brides-to-be, stocking stuffers or just the plain old “I NEED A PAIR OF THOSE”

and to all my Etsy shoppers out there, Stay tuned! It’s been a working project for me but I hope to be up and running soon!



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