It’s Sunday and it’s Spring time! 💐

The change in season brings so many beautiful things with it: warmth, light, blooms, and love in the air. 

It’s the season for weddings and engagements. Although it’s been a few years since that time in my own life, I still keep up on the latest trends because we get lots of questions on how to incorporate unique style into traditional professional photos. 

I’ve recently partnered with an amazingly talented local photographer. We had the privilege of spending a Saturday evening session with her and it was nothing short of magic. She has an eye for capturing beauty all around her. Check out her website here.

Taken directly from Samantha’s engagement guide: “long, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos.” 

Take our advice. Shop similar styles below. 

Violets & Roses

Lace is a nice contrast to silk, so I added a bralette under my maxi. 


One other detail I’ve been seeing more and more of in engagement portraits is the addition of a custom bouquet. Photographers are encouraging stylized props that set a romantic scene for the couple. 

Silk flowers are my choice over cut flowers because the bouquet can serve as a keepsake forever, and may even be reused for the wedding. 

When I’m creating bouquets I love to incorporate different texture like pearls and cotton among the silk florals. 

I’ve created several bridal and bridesmaids bouquets and I’m finally ready to begin taking orders. An etsy page is in the works but any current inquiries can be sent via DM @inourstyleblog on Instagram. 

If you book a session with Samantha, you will have the option to add on a custom arrangement by yours truly. 

I hope your week is full of beauty. Enjoy the breeze! 🌤

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