Home Sweetness

Happy Memorial Day, friends. Although this long weekend is often celebrated with togetherness of picnics and other festivities, let us all remember that this day is in memory of many and in honor of all that have sacrificed for our country. God Bless America! 

3 years ago my husband (my fiancé at the time) and I officially moved in to our first home together. When this weekend comes around each year it is fun to reflect on all of the changes we have made to make this house our home. What better way to celebrate than giving our home some TLC in preparation for summer!

We decided to start a small garden this year! Among the tomatoes and various peppers, my loving husband planted two lovely peony roots just for me! I can’t wait for next spring to see the soft beautiful white and blush blooms! 

Once we finished gardening we did a little clean-up of the yards and decorated the patio. 

The succulent planter, outdoor lights, and outdoor tablecloth were all scores at my local Marshall’s. I will link some other adorable items at the end of this post for you to purchase online!

You may remember the pineapple welcome mat from a previous blog post! It is a DIY project from last year’s Taylor Take Over!

Anyone that knows me also knows I love pineapples (almost as much as I love turtles!) The sweet pineapple fruit and also the meaning behind it. The pineapple is a symbol of welcome, warmth, and friendship… exactly what I wish for in life.

Did you know: that an old tradition of New England sea captains would include placing a pineapple outside of their homes as a symbol of their safe return and to celebrate their homecomings by embracing friendships and to encourage good times. 

I love to incorporate pineapples inside and outside my house. I truly enjoyed documenting this year’s Memorial Day weekend in our home as I think back and remember years past and I hope you did too! 

{Click the prices below the pictures to shop the items!}







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