Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

Being a homeowner for the last 3 years now, I thought eventually I’d be able to define my decor style. But at this point I feel  like mine falls somewhere between fresh farmhouse and neutral modern decor which are kind of opposites. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And maybe I don’t just have to settle one way or the other, perhaps I’ll find the perfect blend of both. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue to redecorate and rearrange, much to my husband’s dismay. 

My most favorite accent to incorporate lately is white cotton buds and soft cotton textiles. I think these definitely give my home a cozy farmhouse feel. I’ve found a variety of pieces from craft stores and home goods stores recently and somehow managed to come home with enough to add a touch to every room.

 {wreath available at Kohl’s}


I keep this little tray next to my kitchen sink and I use the oil/vinegar dispensers to store my dish soaps for easy access. The tiny greens arrangement combines boxwood, cotton and willow for a unique blend. 


This folding tray table doubles its function as a quaint bedside table in our guest bedroom. I’m in love with the striped accent wall in this room. 


One of the cheapest, quickest, and easiest DIY crafts were these cotton tip balls. Originally inspired by an Anthropologie decor piece, there is a Pinterest tutorial here so you can make your own! Just add a silk flower to soften the look. 

Living Room

Being a pharmacist, these old school apothecary jars made me so excited when I found them. I knew I just had to have them! Filled with a random assortment of baubles and potpourri, they add a quirky touch to an otherwise simple corner. Our starter home doesn’t have a real fireplace, but that certainly didn’t stop me from getting a mantle to decorate! This one is electric and portable and functions as a space heater during our northern winters. I just love this cozy corner. 

Not only did I add a mantle to our first home, but I insisted we replace our front window with the bay window of my dreams. Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of having a house with a bay window with a large window sill, and my husband agreed to make that dream come true! The only window treatments I use on this window are white flowy floor length sheers. I like to let all the natural light in. 


Initially it was a mystery to me why exactly I started surrounding myself in soft white fluffy items……. and then she walked in. 😏

I’d love your feedback. If you liked the peek into my home please comment below. If you felt inspired by my decor or if you have any inspiration you’d like to share with me use our hashtag #inourstyleblog on instagram!
Have a great week!

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