Thigh Highs

Truth is, I’ve waited weeks to share this post with ya’ll. Thigh high boots are back and better than ever.


One thing I love about thigh high boots, NO LIMITS! Being a style that compliments any shape leg; how can you not fall in love with them??



Luckily for the major majority, thigh highs have the ability to smooth over any leggy flaws, giving the coverage ever female wants.


They allow for an edgier look in the colder days but will keep you warm despite the appearance of flashing a little skin.

Layering is the key to avoiding looking overly sexual – and this applies to your entire ensemble!

Work with simple layers in order to create a look that is sophisticatedly sexy.

The deets:


Be safe. Be humble bloggers. Saying an extra prayer to bloggers and families down in the Florida area today as Hurricane Irma has made her entrance. We are thinking of you.

-xx Allie

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