Hocus Loafers


Gloomy Gloomy Sunday Morning.
Lets just cut right to the chase today, shall we?


Fur-lined loafers – who’ wearing them, how to rock them, and where to buy them.


We stopped by one of our local “hot spots” newly renovated yesterday.


How to wear fur lined loafers: These bad boys add that luxe quirk to any outfit. The fur-lined loafer is a surprisingly versatile statement shoe that will blend effortlessly with any wardrobe. I paired mine with a simple over-sized sweater and ripped jeans to really give the loafers the statement in my outfit.


Where to buy fur lined loafers: The original Gucci ‘Princeton’ Loafer Slipper are definitely top choice, but there are also other fur embellished loafer styles available in the lower price ranges, for people like myself trying to stay on a budget with fashion. Thankfully Backless Loafers from Steve Madden and Black Retro Loafers from ENMAYER are just a little bit more in my price range.


Who’s wearing them: They are bold. I won’t sugar coat that. They definitely catch peoples eyes and let me be honest, I’m always scared at first to wear something out of my comfort zone out in public. But isn’t that what fashion is all about? Trying things for others to catch on with? I feel like if I don’t give something a try, others might not either.

So if you are second guessing a pair of these, don’t! You will not be disappointed.


If you haven’t already please do yourself a favor and go follow my talented bestie, EMMY. She has made blogging so much more worth it and fun.


Happy weekend babes
x, A

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