Habit Fun

As I am finally settling in back into cold PA, I have to say I had an experience of a lifetime  last weekend. My head has been spinning of knowledge all weekend.

This past weekend I traveled over 2,000 miles to spend an entire day with the girls at Habit Salon located in Gilbert Arizona. It is by far one of the most upbeat and modernized salon I have ever been too.


I heard about Habit through social media. One of the many perks about social media is branding yourself off and meeting people you always dreamt of running into someday. Thankfully the hair industry is so open to new opportunities and I jumped the chance of traveling to meet these wonderful ladies.

It was a day filled with new coloring techniques, toning, social media, and marketing yourself to seek clients you never thought would approach you.

I had the absolute honor to work side by side with Chrissy, Becky and Marissa sharing their top secret habit tricks.

Here’s a little tour of Habit.


Stylists from left to right: Marissa Larson, Chrissy Rasmussen and Becky Miller


Being a hairdresser can be so challenging sometimes, but the fun part about it is meeting people who encourage you to challenge yourself. I’m not just doing this for myself, I’m doing it for my clients too. Below are three models Marissa Becky and Chrissy had the pleasure of doing during the class and wow the transformations are amazing.

5A662500-2091-434F-AC29-CF8F79C8A3A5Stylist: Marissa
Model: Landree
Desired Outcome: “Habit Blonde”
Technique: Full Head Babylights
Process time in Chair: 4 hours

BB46A085-3C1A-40AF-84CD-BEC322F0D1D0Stylist: Becky
Model: Sherry
Desired Outcome: Fall and Fun
Technique: Full Head Babylights & Lowlights
Teasing Remaining Hair to brighten up pieces.
Smudging the Roots to make it a Balayage at the sink
Process time in Chair: 4-5 hours

AE55954A-944D-467C-8690-5BC77BE11985Stylist: Chrissy
Desired Outcome: Overall Fullness
Technique: Full Head Babylights + Extentions
Process time in Chair: 6 Hours

I can’t believe I prepped for this weekend for months and it’s over in a blink of an eye. The day flew by with no chance to even comprehend that I was actually there. These ladies are hair rockstars. I am so thankful for the opportunity. I keep saying it, but it was a chance of a lifetime. Hairdressers out there, this is one day you will want to consider in your future. Save the money, travel and meet this awesome Habit Tribe. You will not regret it for a second.

x, Allie.

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