Lash with my girl Ash

Cats out of the bag you guys!

I am so excited to share what has felt like forever to tell you all, but my day job outside of blogging will be offering both Eyelash Extensions & Eybrow Microblading services.

This couldn’t of come at a better time!

With the holiday season approaching, my schedule is nonstop, overbooked and my makeup looks atrocious by the end of my shift.

Lets face it — we’ve all fantasized once in our lifetime waking up and feeling absolutely flawless without putting an ounce of make up on right? Well ladies I’m here to tell you dreams can come true!


One perk about being in the industy is that, I’m able to test out all the latest techniques to give you all the feedback!


So here’s the deal: I had the privilege of being our technician, Ashley’s model this past week in Atlanta Georgia as she (sorry for the foul language) KICKED ASS at her certification in Microblading & Eyelash Extensions.

I’ve never felt more comfortable with a service in my entire life. When I tell you this girl is an absolute natural, I am not kidding with you! She is so determined to be the best she can be, but her artistic eye is what really made me feel more at ease with getting these services done


 This was Ashley’s calling. I believe these procedures will be so wonderful in the months to come for ladies looking to add length, depth and demention to their face.

Dont be hesitant, because I promise you, it is so worth it! So throw away that mascara you just thought could make those lashes flaunt.

Save your money and start putting some aside now, because we launch our release date in just a few short weeks and I can’t wait to let ya’ll know.

It’s been seriously amazing not putting a single stroke of mascara on or eyebrow pencil to my face.


Ashley- Thank you for giving me a little boost of confidencs in myself. Thank you for creating a piece I get to look at every single day. Thank you for being determined to bring a service back to our small town in the cosmetic industry. You are so talented and I look forward to our next session.

Until next Sunday beauties, Allie

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