Small Town Girl


“Humble people living humbler lives. What a place they have in my heart. It’s the where and who you come from”

My roots run a little different then most bloggers on social media. I didn’t grow up in sunny LA or the Big Apple with endless big buildings near me.

I, my friend grew up in a small town called Erie, Pennsylvania. Where it snows and rains 10 months out of the year.


Growing up it was simple. Climbing the neighbors tree, running outside barefoot, going to bonfire parties, and just doing what every advantage girl in a small town would do. The more time went on the more I couldn’t wait to get out and live somewhere more adventurous.

Now being twenty-four, with a full time job that I am so passionate about, I could never imagine myself leaving. I never met a sunset I didn’t like here. I love supporting all the local shops, restaurants that it has to offer. The friends I made along the way. The different areas you have the opportunity of exploring. If you really break it down, Erie is home. It will always be home.


It’s where I grew to be the strong independent woman I am today. All the trial and error as a teenager, I knew I could count on a good ice cream cone from Sara’s to soak in the heartbreak.

I truly believe you have to have spent some time in a place like mine to really appreciate the irreplaceable value of a humble life and what that entails.

There is so many opportunities and experiences anywhere. Explore. I wouldn’t pass up anything for the world. Never settle for less than everything you want from this life.

Just enjoy where you are now.

Photographer: Emmy Hackshaw

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