Live Color Fully

My sister and I were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of one of our favorite fashion designers and icons this week. Our hearts go out to Kate Spade’s friends and family who are forced to find the strength to carry on Kate’s beautiful and colorful legacy. Above all, let her story be a reminder that every single human has a struggle of their own to fight. The stigma surrounding mental illness and seeking treatment for emotional demons shouldn’t exist any longer. We need advocacy, education and above all, compassion. We will continue to support her name brand and what it now represents.

Continuing to surround myself in Kate’s pretty things and on a much happier note — I announced on my insta story yesterday that my husband and I officially moved in to our forever home a few weeks ago. It’s been difficult working full time jobs and also finding the energy to unpack our life and settle in… but it is slowly coming along. We had a lot of painting done at first and certain rooms are starting to come together. I’d like to share a sneak peak of what I have done so far and also how I’m incorporating some of my classic Kate Spade pieces throughout my new home. ♠️

Kate Spade Dot Throw Pillows — this style is old but the newer style is just as cute with smaller dots and a variety of colors available.

Platinum — Bloomingdales (30% off)

Navy — Nordstrom

Black/White — Dillard’s

I’ve been struggling to find a place to hang this gorgeous clock from Kirkland’s because it looks so good on every wall. For now, it’s acting as a throw pillow and little Alice is not impressed. She likes to try out every seat in the house to find the coziest spot. (See below.)

Our sofa, loveseat, oversized chair, and matching ottoman are by Serta. They are the color Bing Ash but they also come in a dark brown and a tan. Similar pieces are available to order from Wayfair. I knew Serta made mattresses and was thrilled to find out they make dreamy nap-inducing couches as well. So many naps to be taken…

I ordered my marble and gold coffee table, end table, and chair side table from They look expensive but are so affordable and they are really easy to assemble. I put them all together myself!

Coffee table linked here.

End table linked here.

Chairside table linked here.

Soft gray with bright white makes my heart sing. I had all of the walls, crown molding, trim, and baseboards painted for a clean fresh look and carried a similar color scheme throughout the open concept on the main floor. They gray paint color is “Gray Marble.” Once I add more decor throughout the house and complete each room I promise I will post before and after photos. It’s amazing what a difference some paint makes.

“She prefers china to paper even for picnics.”

Unpacking the good china to celebrate this moving milestone. Our Kate Spade Gardener Street wedding china is still available from Macy’s and they are running a buy 3 pieces, get 1 free sale!

My pantry makeover was a priority of mine to make sure I could function and stay organized during such a chaotic time. And also because food is LIFE. Not only did we rip out the old shelving and repaint, but my handy father hooked me up and installed an amazing bracket shelving system that is adjustable to my needs and stock. Am I the only person that finds an organized pantry pretty?

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of my new home. More posts to come once more projects continue to be completed and my To-Do list starts to get shorter. This move has consumed my life and time lately, so I appreciate your feedback and interest in my posts that allow me to share pieces of my life with you all. I know I’ll need your help on deciding on light fixtures and other details when the time comes. Look for another insta poll!

One last sneak peak of something that’s actually going on upstairs on the second floor… I’ve got my Kate Spade bags and some boxes on display in what promises to be my dream master bedroom/bathroom/walk-in closet. Stay tuned!

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