Riding in Rompers



The weather has also been super warm lately so I’m busting out my favorite items to wear this summer –  Seriously I have an obsession with these adult size onesies – I probably have enough to wear one every day of the month! This new one from a boutique Ange and I are obsessing over – Paige And Lake is my new favorite romper because (1) I’m a sucker for anything black and (2) because it is so damn flattering. Not to mention how comfortable it is – I feel like I’m wearing really chic pajamas!


“She was like the sun,
She knew her place in the world –
She would shine again regardless
of all the storms and changeable weather
She wouldn’t adjust her purpose
for things that pass.”


Black Romper: Paige And Lake

Floral Romper: TJ MAXX

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