Talk Less Smile More

It’s Sunday Funday again, ya’ll!

Last week my husband took me to see Hamilton the musical and I am so glad we finally immersed ourself in the show. It is everything it has been hyped to be and more! The music is catchy and clever, the characters are complex, and the story is enthralling. There’s something for everyone to enjoy no matter your musical preference since there are traditional broadway songs, satirical love ballads, some hip hop/r&b, several rap battles… all in ONE show! It’s just so so good and if you get the chance you should absolutely see it! We’ve been playing (and singing along to) the soundtrack on repeat all week!

I’ve linked my outfit details below, just click on the prices to shop the look. My main pieces can all be ordered from Lulus and my accessories from Kohls.

I’m taking note of Sir Burr’s quote “talk less, smile more…” and I’m off to enjoy this day! It’s a short and sweet post today!

Dress $52

Bralette $38 (seriously worth it, I layer it under everything!)

Heels $29

Purse $19

Wallet $15

Ring $22

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