25 Life Lessons

Hey everyone! Ange here. Today is Allie’s 25th birthday and we are getting ready to party hard. I wanted to make a blog post all about this favorite person of mine. We’ve never really done posts about each other, so I hope you enjoy this little mix up.

In 1993 I was the ripe age of 3 and my parents gave me the best gift I would ever receive, a little squishy baby sister. She had the biggest cheeks and was practically my living doll for the majority of our early years together. Now, in our adult lives she basically dresses me so I look way cooler than I am and she brushes (and colors, cuts, and styles) my hair too!

Even though I am the older sister, it doesn’t make me wiser than her. She has taught me so much about myself and about life over these 25 years together. It was hard to choose but I picked 25 invaluable lessons that Allie lives by. Hopefully you can take away a few as well.

1. Laugh at yourself.

She never takes herself too seriously and I’ve come to realize that is SO important.

2. Be honest and speak your mind.

She is never afraid to show her true emotions and I envy that. I’m working harder to be more like her in that respect.

3. Be fabulous.

She wears what she wants, when she wants but her smile is her best accessory.

4. Be unapologetically you.

For my wedding day, she helped me work so hard to make everything feel like a classy fairytale and to be everything I wanted. What stood out to me the most though is how she shook things up and did her Maid of Honor speech as a rap. It was so “her” and a real crowd pleasure. It wasn’t part of the plan but I will never ever forget it. I definitely thanked her later!

5. Follow your dreams.

She turned a career into a passion and took the path that would get her to her end goal the quickest. She continues to make plans for her future and I know she will be successful in whatever she dreams up next.

6. Say I love you.

No matter what, I never question if Allie really loves me. She says it and means it.

7. It’s okay to cry. And then laugh so hard you cry some more.

We’ve found ourselves in these predicaments many times, but they’re best spent together. Some of our saddest moments turned into giggle fits thanks to our (sick?) humor.

8. Take risks.

She didn’t follow the crowd. She wasn’t afraid of what others would (and did) say. Instead she marched to the beat of her own drum. Others may not have been as successful but she was because she wasn’t afraid.

9. Win at life.

Everyone knows she’s a bad ass boss babe. She’s my idol.

10. Eat more, worry less.

Who cares if ice cream and macaroni and cheese gives her a belly ache. She’s gonna stuff her face with me anyway!

11. Sleep in.

There never seem to be enough hours in the day. But sometimes the best thing you can do is stay in bed a little longer.

12. Never stop learning.

She continues to better herself in her craft by learning from others. That makes her a better and more successful stylist for her clients.

13. Buy the purse, or shoes, or whatever.

Everyone needs someone in their life that encourages the occasional $plurge.

14. Stay home, occasionally.

Allie and I can sometimes be introverted and she’s taught my that even though putting yourself out there is good, it’s also okay to say no to plans and enjoy some quiet time reading.

15. Be a good friend.

I mean…. ANYONE that knows Allie knows that she is the best friend you could ever have. I can always count on her.

16. Don’t compromise, and keep your standards high.

She strives to have and be the best. She won’t settle for just anything.

17. Keep your circle small.

Trusting other people is hard. It’s okay to let people in, but sometimes it’s best to just have a select few people in your inner circle.

18. Online shopping is a way of life.

She treats herself daily to packages in the mail. It’s like Christmas from herself all year!

19. It’s okay to change your mind.

Made a decision, but not pleased with the outcome? Do it again in a different way.

20. Be silly.

She talks to my dog in silly voices and makes up silly nicknames for her. She cracks up when she tries to secretly put snap chat filters on my dad’s face.

21. Be a giver.

Allie is so generous, with her time, her friendship, and her blessings.

22. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

She’s been taken advantage of because of this. But she is also an open book and will share what she’s learned with those that ask. She recently spoke publicly about her struggles with bullying and I know she will help other kids like her in the future to overcome.

23. Be extra AF

At least that’s what the kids are saying these days… If you haven’t seen the way Allie goes all out for themed costume parties then you won’t even understand what going over the top is.

24. Teach others.

She has endless makeup and hair tips that she is always willing to share with me, but more than that she emulates what life has taught her and she shares that wisdom with others. I’d like to be a better life teacher.

25. Love yourself.

She takes her “me time”, feels good in her own skin, and says no to negativity. If at any point anyone doubted her or pushed her aside, she loved herself instead and conquered the haters. That’s the secret to success.

I love you Allie! You’re truly #goals! Happy Birthday!

Dress: VICI collection

Photography: Bradley Perrine

Cake: The Steel Toe Baker

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