Happy Labor Day Weekend, lovelies!

I’ve got a to-do list a mile long for this weekend, so I thought I’d fill you in on some more home updates and projects that I’ve got in the works!

1. Corner China Cabinet

My mother gifted me this lovely oak corner hutch for my China and I loved the concept and knew it would fit perfectly into the room. With some 1-2-3 Primer (no sanding necessary!) and high gloss white paint I gave this rustic piece of furniture a new sleek modern update.

I love the way my Kate Spade China is displayed in here now.

2. Foyer Chandelier

When we moved in this chandelier was so large and so high up (18 feet) that I knew it would be difficult to find a replacement that was the right size, as well as physically replacing it. I didn’t take any before pictures but originally it had etched glass square plates that alternated with the prisms. It just made the fixture look outdated and gave off no sparkle. So I ordered about 100 of these tear drop crystals off Amazon for less than $1 per crystal. When the sunshine comes in through that window now it’s just beautiful. It was probably even more cost effective to replace the crystals than it was buying a brand new fixture and I’m really pleased with the end result.

3. Dining Room Lighting

So right now there’s a ceiling fan in my dining room that serves no purpose and I don’t really love it either. I’ve always preferred elegant lighting like a chandelier in a formal dining room.

I found an amazing deal on a Benita Globe Chandelier a few weeks ago so I ordered it right away. Unfortunately now it’s currently out of stock but hopefully they will get another shipment in. It’s listed for $140 but when I bought it it was only $127.

I love that this fixture is a mix of modern style and hardware with classic sparkle. The tear drop crystals are a perfect match with the ones I put on the entryway chandelier and the dining room is right off the front room so they will coordinate nicely. I’m hoping to have this installed soon! I’ll post the end result.

3. Prime and paint the fireplace.

We redid the mantle to make room for a bigger TV to be mounted (priorities?!) so now that it’s all set up I’ve got it all taped off and I plan to use the same primer I did on the China cabinet and then paint it a high gloss white or dark gray. I’d love your opinion so please weigh in on my insta story poll which color you think would look best!

4. Select and install kitchen light fixture.

While repainting the crown molding, walls, and ceilings we took out the fluorescent lighting and the giant wood framing around it in the kitchen. Now that it feels so much bigger I’d still like to add more lighting, probably some type of lantern fixture. I posted a couple of items that I picked out and that poll is also in my insta story. Let me know what you think!

5. Paint and wallpaper laundry room.

A few weeks ago you all chose a lemon print for an accent wall in my laundry room. I went with the majority and I have coordinating paint and new shelving picked out to compliment. This area is also on my to do list for this weekend and I can’t wait to reveal the transformation when it’s all done.

Thanks for catching up on what’s going on at home. I feel like now that I’ve put some of my to do list in writing hopefully I will be more productive in crossing things off! I hope you have a productive (and fun!) LDW too!

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