The headshot look


Rise and shine Sunday blog readers! It’s been a warm weekend in PA where time went so fast I almost forgot another weekly blog post for you all!

I’ve gotten so many questions about my basic look for my headshots for my day jobs website so I thought I’d share all my makeup secrets and get ready essentials with you guys.

I’m not one to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting all fancy and making myself purdy  but when it comes down to makeup, I really just like enhancing the things I already have!

Primer + Liquid Foundation: MaryKay & NO.7 — I really love the way my skin feels with these two products I’m never caked on with makeup and they are so light weight. If I’m simply doing a quick errand and have no interest in putting anything else on these two are my go-twos!

Powder Foundation, Bronzer & Highlighter: Bare Minerals, Too faced and Becca — first and foremost I am no makeup artist but when I like a good product I rave about it until people understand why I use it. Too faced bronzer, not only smells like chocolate but really defines the colors of the tones in my skin. I could load this on my face, (which I’m sure I do since it smells so delicious) and no one would notice the amount I’ve applied.

Eye brow pencil kit & Mascara: Benefit

Benefit is my ride or die. These two are probably one of the best products I’ve encountered in a long time. My brows have been microbladed so in the long hall they don’t need a lot of shaping and help but it’s always nice to have a good product that doesn’t fade and wash away during the day. And for my favorite part of my get ready routine— mascara 😍. I am that girl that could spend 100 strokes on her lashes to make them perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been blessed with the best, but it’s almost therapeutic to me to get every lash in the right area 😂.

And last but not least the lip: Anastasia — I love my food so you know when I can find a good lip stick that will stay on the lip it’s a good find!



For the curls: Babyliss Curling Iron 1 1/4 — quick trick // curl all the hair first spray your favorite texture spray then comb them out to get the best beach waves 🌊


Okay okay I’m done I promise. Lots of information but I hope I could help you achieve a quick look without spending endless amount of time infront of the mirror. Happy Sunday and have a good week 😘


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