Glowing skin is always in.



Because our readers are so important to us, we really try to be ourselves and never sugar coat anything. Nobody’s perfect, our bodies work in mysterious ways sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you need to be ashamed to tell your story.

Growing up I struggled with acne. Not always on the face, most of the time on my back 🤢 I blame dance for that one. But me being nieve, it could never happen to me again, but it did.

Fast forward to my 20’s — 24 to be exact. October 2017, my worst nightmare as a child. It showed up at a moment I felt extremely vulnerable. My body experienced a turning point, I was so low on myself and felt completely shocked.

I dealt with an awful cause of a sinus infection, pink eye and the flu. Then immediately following those big red inflamed bumped appeared shortly after. My first words out of my mouth were, you’ve to be f***ing kidding me.

With my job I have the privilege of meeting some amazing beauty consultants, which lead me to my skin care goddess — Lauren Giuca. She introduced me to Rodan&Fields one year ago. I was willing to try just about anything at this point. I purchased everything. I spent more money on over the counter products than any person should. I was helpless at that point and wanted to look and feel better.

I never realized what your skin and body can do if you’re unhappy. Not drinking enough water can lead to uneven skin.

I am willing to show my before and afters to let you all know that this product really does work!


I have never felt more confident in what I look like today. Old me would have never left the house without putting some type of makeup on. I was taught from the best, my grandma Edinger — she was a beautiful human who was seriously gorgeous inside and out, head to toe.

With good skin comes with great reward. I followed and stayed consistent just like any diet you choose to do for yourself.

Lauren was the best therapy for my skin. She was always checking in on my routine making sure I still loved the product or if I needed to make any adjustments. I could not have done this journey without her.

If you’re struggling, it’s okay to splurge because at the end of the entire process you’ll be so thankful you did it. I know I am.


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