Fab Fit Fun

I jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago and decided to subscribe to the seasonal packaged phenomenon that is the fab, fit, fun box. You’ve seen it everywhere from ads on Facebook to other bloggers on Instagram. They rave about the items that they are surprised with every season and how they get lots of full sized products at a much lower price than what everything retails for. I got the (currently sold out) fall box this week and I thought I would give you my honest review of the products and also the experience. So if you were considering a subscription for the winter season, you’ll have a preview of what came the season prior. Keep in mind, some items you get to customize and choose options for before your box ships to you, and others are a surprise and automatically included.

Inside the Box

1. Vince Camuto “vegan” leather tote

I was able to choose between 2 color options and I’m really happy with my selection because this tote will go with everything since it’s two tone black and brown! And it’s not too big either, it’s just the right size to fit everything I need without being oversized and bulky.

2. Alfred French Press Coffee Maker

I’m really excited about this product because it was also one I selected (the other option was a tea pot) and I’ve never made French press coffee myself. So here’s to learning something new!

3. Catherine Malandrino Umbrella

This rose bud pattern was just too cute. And I’ll certainly need the umbrella as the rainy fall season continues.

4. Simply Whimsical Towels

These were a surprise but they match some of my home decor perfectly so I wasn’t disappointed at all. They’re a super soft fabric too.

5. Luna Rica Bar

I mean, it was a bonus snack so I wasn’t mad! And it was delicious, btw.

6-10. Beauty Products

Ranging from face masks and a scrub to shower gel and a soak I’ll be feeling pretty from head to toe. I like the scents of both the exfoliating face scrub and the shower gel even though they are surprisingly different from my normal fruity choices. And also I needed a new beauty blender so the box saved me a trip to Ulta/Sephora!

Overall Experience

1. Packaging – what you see is what you get. That brightly colored fun patterned box awaited me on my porch when it was delivered and it definitely made me excited to open it and see what was inside!

2. Price – so for $49.99 a season (unless you use a promo code to get your first box for $39.99) you do get lots of items that would definitely exceed that amount if everything was purchased separately. I think the Vince Camuto tote was over $100 retail by itself.

3. Products – I liked a handful of items that were included and then there were others that I wouldn’t have purchased simply because I’m kind of particular when it comes to beauty and skin care products. But it was really a nice bonus to just get extra items to try to expand my horizons and see if I liked anything new.

I hope you found my honest review helpful. I’ve been disappointed in the past with mail subscriptions but overall I really liked that I get to choose some products and get to be surprised with others. I plan to continue my subscription for now and I’m looking forward to my winter box!

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