Girl, Wash Your Face

Show of hands who’s skin is dryer than a desert this time of year? Brrr 🌡🌵. Temperatures are single digits and wind chill is taking my breath away, literally.

Thankfully this weekend the temperatures are warming up, BONUS!


You all know I’ve struggled with keeping my skin — acne free as best as I possibly can. Unfortunately this time of year my skin care routine has to be adjusted because of the regimen I use 9 out of the 12 months dries my pores out instantly.

I’ve cocktailed some great products to make it through this cold season. 🥶 — shop all our products through @shopstyle app or click here:


3 step acne solution from Clinique

Mario Banescu facial spray

Cetaphil daily hydrating lotion

Thayers Witch Hazel toner — Lavender


I’ve managed to stick to a flexible budget with my products now that I am living the big girl dream. I’m not afraid to share my addition to makeup and clothes. It’s jusy a HUGE part of who I am. With good skin, comes with great confidence.


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