Spring Style Steals

You know that old saying, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”? Well in the fashion and style industry there is a huge market for designer dupes so that everyone can get the look they covet at an affordable price.

I’m all about a good splurge but I live to find a good deal, without sacrificing quality. I’ve found some spring staple pieces that look exactly like a designer item for a fraction of the cost, and are absolutely of decent quality, as well! Items in my photos above are the Amazon finds!

You can shop this look on the ShopStyle App by clicking here or click on the links under each item listed below.

Pay attention, people! I’m about to save you over $600 this spring!

Black Square Sunglasses

L: Gucci designers $375 from Nordstrom

R: Dupes $14 from Amazon

((Savings of $361))

Illusion Sleeve Top

L: Chelsea28 $59 from Nordstrom

R: GDL $18 from Amazon

((Savings of $41))

High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

L: Madewell $128 from Nordstrom

R: Signature Levi’s $25 from Amazon

((Savings of $103))

Espadrille Wedges

L: Marc Fisher $160 from Nordstrom

R: Cambridge $26 from Amazon

((Savings of $134))

$plurge Total = $722

$teal Total = $83

$avings = $639

Happy Shopping!

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