It’s okay to love Erie

It’s been a beautiful weekend in my town. I soak in the warm weather more so now than I ever have before.

Erie is the town people grow to love. I’m born and raised and plan on raising my future family here. I have no interest of ever leaving.

When people ask me why, I simply say back, why would I? It’s where I grew up. It’s where I found myself. It’s where my family taught me to be the woman I am today. It’s home. It will forever be home. Why leave a place I’ve learned to love over the course of 25 years.

People always leave, people sometimes return. Erie is small, but Erie is also big. The connections, the friendships, the small businesses, the atmosphere is a taste of fresh air. The water soothes you, nature is always growing, people are learning to appreciate what Erie has to offer.

I had the privilege of working with a small business called Erie Apparel a few times. Their message is simple:

There’s no place like home. 

“Having been born and raised in Erie, we both left briefly to pursue careers, but just can’t stay away. There’s just something about this town. From the hardworking people to beauty of the shore, we wanted to be part of showing people what our hometown is made of.

We’re proud to produce our high-quality, custom t-shirts and apparel for the people in the Tri-State area. And even more proud to be back and building a business in our hometown. 

Stop in our brick and mortar location on West 12th Street in Erie or at one of our pop-up shops throughout the year.

We look forward to continuing our journey and giving back as much to our city as we’ve enjoyed along the way.

Thanks for checking us out,
Greg Straub & Peter Demichele
Owners & Proud Erie Natives

I’m not being biased — These are by far the comfiest items I will ever own and my collection continues to grow!

location is on West 12th Street in Erie or shop online at

I mean what a gig I get to be apart of — smile for the camera eat some Erie classics and help a small business succeed.

Enjoy scrolling through as I stuff my face on camera 😉

📸: Bradley Perrine Photography

🍩: Mighty Fine Donuts

🍦: Sara’s Restaurant

👕: Erie Apparel

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