N. Sale dupes on Amazon

Good Morning!

So I know your feed has been flooded with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items all week and let me just tell you that with it comes thoughts of… autumn *gasp!*😆

Not only is it the biggest sale of the year but it signals a rushed end to summer as everyone gets excited for the new fall fashion. AND WE HATE IT! We understand it’s a good opportunity to also stock up on basics and necessities but can’t the retail chains just let us enjoy the summer sun while it’s here?!

It’s a sad story that our hometown doesn’t even have a Nordstrom and that we would have to travel over an hour to shop in person. And if we are going to shop online we aren’t going to have nearly as much fun trying on all the must-have items everyone is raving about before we purchase. Plus everything sells out super fast and who even wants to wait for an online restock?!

So instead, what we’ve decided to do is find even more affordable dupes of the Nordstrom items available for purchase on Amazon. We will use our new page (link below) and these steals are just in time since Amazon Prime Day(s) start tomorrow!

All items are saved into categories.

Click here to shop our Amazon storefront:








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