Happy Sunday! ☀️

You may have noticed a cute little icon pop up on the bottom of today’s Instagram picture. This little icon may not look like much but to us it means the most!

We were recently accepted into the rewardStyle program and that means we are now able to provide an even easier experience for you, our followers, to shop our outfits.

You may already be familiar with the App but in case you aren’t I’m providing a quick overview on how you can get the most out of your browsing experience on our Instagram page and in the app.

The first step is to download the app from the app Store.

Once you open and launch the app for the first time it will ask you to login with your information for Instagram. This is because anytime you “like” one of our photos now (with the icon on the bottom) it will automatically save it in this app for you to shop later!

Once you login, the homepage will open and in the bottom right corner click the search tool.

Type in “inourstyleblog” to find us. Then follow us!

Once you’re following us you can go to your feed where you will see recent posts from us and other influencers you choose to follow.

Similar to the ShopStyle Collective app we were previously using, on our page you can see recent outfits we have posted. Click on an image to shop the look.

The app will list the items that we linked to the photo on the bottom of the screen. We try to link the exact pieces we are wearing in the photos but if it’s something that’s either not available anymore or at a high price point we like to provide you with similar options for you to pick from as well.

If you find something you like just tap and click on the “shop now” button to go to the online retailer’s site. Or save the item to a wish list or collection to shop later.

What’s great about this app is that it saves your “likes” from Instagram so you can keep scrolling through and then when you’re ready to shop an item you can launch the app to know where we got it from. Hence the name

The other amazing feature is that the app also saves your screenshots of photos. So if you take a screenshot of one of our pictures with the icon on it that photo will also be saved in the app for you to shop!

We want to sincerely thank all of our followers for allowing us to continue to share our passion for fashion and fun with you all. We have a lot of exciting things planned in the coming weeks and we are so happy and grateful for these opportunities.

This blog has never been about money or reimbursement or personal gains. We have always just wanted to provide outfit inspiration and bring a positive focus to our small town and community.

Some of you ask how you can support us, and you already do by following us, reading our posts, sharing our Instagram page with your friends, and liking our photos. But our recent acceptance into this rewardStyle program now allows us to receive some monetary commission if you choose to purchase items through our links.

Many thanks to you all, again! Without you we would have no reason to continue to share what we love with you.

Please DM us if you have any questions about how to use the app or shop our outfits using

We would also love your feedback on what you would like to see us post more of. The app is not just capable of linking with fashion retailers but we can also link health and beauty products, home goods, and more!

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