Old Navy Haul

+ Espresso, check.

+ Morning stroll with Quigley, check.

+ Old Navy Haul with items all under $30, check.

Spent my weekend doing lots of snoozes with Quigley boy 💤

Had the best time with this fluff ball and Andy as we added more memories this weekend.

My heart melts with their Uncle / Nephew bond.

Mom and Dad spent a mini getaway to NYC 🌃 and of course we never hesitate or pass up a chance to dog sit this precious boy 🐶

Last week I stopped into Old Navy and of course they were having a killer sale. 😭 So stocked up on some solids and basics you know will never go to waste!

All items are on LIKEtoKNOW.it

Don’t worry, the deals are online too 🤣

So if you’re like me this Sunday morning and have ZERO energy to get up anytime soon, shop right in your pajamas 😉

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