You’re the Sunflower

🎶 I know you’re scared of the unknown
You don’t wanna be alone
I know I always come and go
But it’s out of my control

I hope these sunflower fields brighten your Sunday! 🌻 I sang this Post Malone song in my head during the entire photo shoot 🤣 One of nature’s beauties to the end of summer is the larger-than-life golden blooms.

This outfit was actually put together with some older closet staples of mine. The tassel cardigan from Chic Wish is unavailable but I linked a ton of really similar and really good options on — it’s a thicker woven fabric that lays really nice and has some weight to it but can be worn every season because of the neutral color. I would almost compare it to a sweater blazer.

I think that the rust color of my dress is such a great color to transition in to fall. It’s like a golden orange fall leaf 🍁 mixed with pumpkin spice 🎃

Do me a favor and leave me a comment on my Instagram post from today. I’d love to know what kind of outfits you guys want to see soon. Are you ready for full-fledged sweater weather? Do you need to stock up on fall basics? I’d love your input!

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