Sunday Fields

Good morning 🌞 🌻

I am over the moon about all the activities that I’ve been able to do this weekend. And I feel like it’s just beginning —

Yesterday Ange and I had a mini road trip to see one of our favorite long time boy bands: BACKSTREET BOYS and I’m still on a high from the concert. Simply amazing.

Today I’m venturing off to a beautiful shower for one of my lovely friends getting married in December 👰🏽

— and then heading off to Geneva on the lake for a few days for an education retreat. What a whirlwind of a weekend honestly.

So before I step away from the computer 💻 for a few days I had to blog about my favorite shoot thus far. And let me tell you it was a fast 💨 one!

This quick casual looks I put together last week with Ange have so many people asking where I got the items. The wait is over!

Shop this look on the app!


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