Life Lately

Hi friends & followers,

Apologies in advance… but this is a total teaser post. I’m not one to leave you in suspense, but I promise it will be worth the wait until next week’s post goes up!

Until then, I’m going to take this opportunity to fill you in on what’s been going on in my life lately. After all, this is a life AND style blog and my daily life is filled with so much more than what I wear and post weekly.

2020 has been off to a good start, although like most people, January kind of dragged for me. It felt like a loooooooong month after the holidays were over, but now it’s February!

With that, I will turn 30 this week.

That’s weird for me to type and will be even more weird for me to say out loud. I don’t necessarily think I am upset to say goodbye to my 20s. Age is just a number, after all. But so many big events and amazing things occurred in my 20s and sometimes I wonder (hope and pray too) if the next decade will be as good to me.

I accomplished and experienced a lot in my 20s. Of note: I completed pharmacy school and graduated with a doctorate, accepted a full-time pharmacist job upon graduation, got engaged, bought our first home, adopted and became obsessed with our tortoise, got married, started this blog, travelled to new places, adopted and fell head over heels in love with our dog, resigned from my first job to pursue opportunities at my current dream job, bought our forever home, watched proudly as my husband attained his Masters degree and then happily succeeded in pursuing his own new career… its been an exciting time! I look back on it all now and can’t believe it all happened within just that amount of time.

Things that aren’t of note but that have definitely brought me to where I am today: I’ve aged physically and mentally and I try to look at that as a blessing… Growing older is a privilege denied to many. My body has changed- skin, hair, allergy tolerance (lol), food tolerance (😭). I’ve lost weight, gained weight, struggled with self confidence and then found my sense of self worth. I became addicted to caffeine. I’ve played with my style and mixed up my inspiration and eye for design, finally settling on the classics that I’ve always known and loved. I somehow adore and appreciate each of my beautiful family members more with every passing day. I’m truly blessed with the best. I broke up with friends, kept friends, and made new friends along the way. I’ve grieved, witnessed love, dealt with some anxiety and disappointment, coped with not always getting my way or what I hoped for in the timing I’ve hoped for it. And ultimately finally realized I can’t control everything and to let go and let God. It’s not really my plan, it’s His.

Looking back on all those years, hair colors and styles, and both major and minor milestones I can’t help but smile. And after a heart-to-heart with some friends this week, I have a pretty good outlook for my 30s. These friends helped me to realize that going in to my 30s, I finally feel like I know myself. I feel that we are settled. Not complacent, but comfortable. Of course that all can change in the blink of an eye and I count my blessings daily. I have so much more that I’d like to accomplish and experience in my 30’s that I am actually excited and I’m most of all grateful for those in my corner cheering me on, from by my side or even from afar!

Thanks for reading today’s post. If you have any inspiration, encouragement, or just something fun to share as I enter my next year of life I’d love to hear it, so send it my way.

Next week will be a reveal of my birthday gift from Patrick. I’ve debated about whether to write a post on it, but he is truly making a dream of mine into a reality and I can’t wait to share it with you once it’s complete!

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