Closet Reveal

Good Morning, Sun ☀️ day!

We are still celebrating my birthday this weekend, despite my meager protests… 😉

All kidding aside, after this week I feel even more fortunate to have such wonderful family, friends, and community! I appreciate all of the different ways that others showed me love and sent well wishes to me this week. I can’t stop smiling, especially over these SWEET Alice inspired cupcakes!

As promised, today’s post is the reveal of my 30th Birthday gift from my husband. Along with both of our dads’ help, they transformed our master closet into my dream dressing room!

I saw lots of potential to redo certain areas exactly to my liking when we chose our home. The original wire racks and shelving units in the master closet were livable and somewhat functional, so I didn’t do anything right when we moved in but I always knew I wanted to transform it into my dream closet one day.

Fast forward a couple years later as we discussed my wishes for a 30th birthday gift… and there was nothing my Type-A, organization-obsessed, clothing-addict heart desired more than a new closet to design and arrange!

Here is the same space, but with the new custom units installed:

Once this phase was complete I wasted NO time in filling it with my clothing and decor!

The Amazon Essentials velvet hangers are life changing! Though it was a tedious process to covert all of my hangers, it was worth it! I chose the color ivory. They save so much space and allowed all of my clothes to fit within the space without the racks becoming over crowded. As a bonus the velvet and slim design of the hangers don’t warp clothing or leave hanger marks.

For added storage, I was able to be creative and customize the drawers as well as adding rods to the corner units to hang pants and blazers. Wicker baskets, cube shelves, and hidden storage maximize the space and create organized compartments for everything.

To match the decor, I plan to change out the cabinet and drawer pulls with blue floral porcelain knobs and wicker handles. I will post an update once those are installed! With the exception of the pulls and needing to install top shelves above the clothing rods to finish off the space, the closet is practically complete and I’m more than satisfied with the transformation!

If you’d like a virtual/video tour of my closet, head to my Instagram @inourstyleblog to view today’s “stories”. I will also create a highlight for you to view anytime and to add to with further updates.

All decor items and the exact hangers I used are linked in the app for you to shop! Just click on this pic in the app:

Thank you for those of you sharing in my excitement of this fresh space. I was hesitant to post this project at first, because I realize that a closet full of clothes and material things don’t make a full heart. But with encouragement and to showcase the time and effort put in by my loved ones to make my dream come true, I’m happy to share this today!

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