Sole Mates

DISCLAIMER: this is a very unglamorous blog post today, especially after last Sunday’s post on my new master closet reveal! But this topic is one I had some requests for, so I am happy to do this!

In my insta stories last week I posted a frame stating that I did not have any shoe storage built in to my closet because we have a strict “no shoes upstairs” policy in our house because we both work in healthcare settings and don’t want to track germs through the house.

I was super glad to get so many responses saying that similar habits are followed in other households! I knew ya’ll were my SOLE-mates!

I also got questions asking how and where we store our shoes. I am so grateful for your questions, ideas and suggestions for future blog post topics!

So to answer your questions….

As I stated: not so glamorous. This little mudroom (more like wall) is just off our garage in the laundry room area. So this is currently where we keep our shoes.

My husband and I both have a lot more shoes than what is pictured here, but we swap out styles depending on the season and store off-season shoes elsewhere to eliminate clutter.

The wood shelves where I keep my heels is just a regular upper cabinet that was already mounted to the wall when we moved in to our home. I just took the doors off for now. I linked my white cube shoe organizers in the app if you’d like to create a similar area in your house.

It doesn’t look all that impressive, and I’d love to do something more creative and aesthetically pleasing in this area in the future, but for now it is simple and extremely functional and keeps all of our footwear organized.

Here is a look at the other walls in this laundry/mudroom. I went with a bright and fresh lemon theme! I hand painted the yellow stripes myself and then purchased wallpaper decals to create my own pattern.

I also linked the wood storage shelves we put up to hold our detergent and other laundry items in the app.

To give you a little bit more content today, I’ll show you a few more simple and affordable home organization inspirations.

A peek at my spices, oils, and vinegars cabinet.

The tiered spice rack shelves are super affordable and make a huge difference in being able to see and access all of the different containers and bottles that can get cluttered in a small cabinet. I linked a version of these in the app.

Another easy way I like organize a cabinet is by placing items in baskets. We keep all of our protein bars, nuts, snacks, candy, etc all in their own baskets. You can get these plastic baskets anywhere including most dollar stores but I also linked these in the app.

The upstairs hallway closet has become my cleaning supply closet. I love using the fabric cube storage bins on regular shelving to keep our paper products, rags, and cleaning supplies organized while still being easily accessible.

I also repurposed an over-the-door shoe rack to hold and organize all the bottles of cleaning chemicals.

I hope you found something in today’s post to be helpful. I have always loved to organize and rearrange things my entire life. Ask my family- I used to constantly reorganize things growing up, to a point where they’d have to ask me where things were sometimes!

I’ll leave you with a quick closet update, but one that makes me so happy:

I was able to change out the pull knobs and handles on the storage unit! I absolutely love the way the floral ceramic and wicker add some vintage classic charm to the otherwise new fresh clean lines of the cabinetry.

Please send me more of your home decor, organization, or any unrelated suggestions for future blog post topics! I appreciate you all for following along and taking a genuine interest and I hope to provide some insight and inspiration to you in return!

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