Living life with A

Before A and I moved in together, I was just about peeing in my pants with excitement and nerve for the next step in our relationship. I’ve never lived with a guy before, or a roommate ever! Double whammy! But I was so freaking ready!

The big move finally happened on January 1st 2020. Oh, you remember, the day after the insane snow storm that happened in Pennsylvania.

First couple weeks go by, and the constant comment of, “So…how is it??” And, to be absolutely, pain-stakingly honest… it’s kind of perfect. Well, almost perfect. I have to say it’s kind of amazing to come home late from work to dinner cooked by my generous man from our EveryPlate meal choices.

It’s kind of like having a slumber party every night with your best friend. Who wouldn’t love that!?

So what have we learned after our first six weeks living together? There are going to be ups and there definitely going to be downs. It’s like a big test right up front to see how we deal with each other. We’re learning as we go and we’re talking about everything—the sweet things and the things that are irking us—mainly because we are with each other ALL THE TIME. I think that’s all we can do though, right?


We are already creating some amazing memories and hobbies. Sundays are our days spent most together. No work for either of us. Typically a late start to the mornings, sometimes seeing family or friends and then, A – meeting his buddies for some pick up hockey at night. But last Sunday was a little more adventurous! 😏

A group photoshoot that left us completely swoon and obsessed with each shot taken! Samantha reached out and the boys tagged along. And I am so thankful they did. I’m pretty sure our townhouse will have all of these photos framed/canvased. Don’t even worry, one was ordered that Sunday evening 😂

May you enjoy this Sunday Morning scanning through these stunning shots!

Hair: Me + Sarah @ Bei Capelli Hair Studio

Makeup: Natalie @ Glam With Nat

Photographer: Sam @ Samantha Zenewicz Photography

Dresses: Rented @ Rent Me A Dress

Studio: Sarah Moody @ PACA

Friends: E + J