Listen, I’ll be the first to admit. After a long work day standing on my feet; the last thing I want to do is cook dinner when I get home. 🍽

No shame, I’ve been known to be that girl before to eat a bowl of cereal or ramen noodles. 🍜

I started subscribing with EveryPlate about 5 weeks ago. I was ready to spend some time in the kitchen, and not be lazy.

Each week I’m able to choose 3 meals, 2 servings per meal for under $40 a week.

I can quickly whip up each delicious and tasteful meal on average 30 minutes. I’m telling you, EveryPlate is a huge money saver and game changer for me. They make cooking hassle free.

I feel like a gourmet chef with EveryPlate 👩‍🍳 Grocery Shopping 🛒 and cooking in general used to intimidate me, but once I received my first box, all the ingredients pre-measured right at my front door with step by step instructions, I knew I was hooked. Seriously it could not be easier to follow.

I truly look forward to coming home and preparing a tasteful meal. 🥘

I know ads can sometimes feel… to addy. But I promise y’all this is something completely my choice to post, and something I 100% believe in. I’ve shown many friends EveryPlate and all have been super thrilled. 🥬🧀🍅

EveryPlate offers Feed Your Friends: giving my friends $20 off on their first box. 😋

If EveryPlate is something you’d like to try, DM me with your email address, and I’d be happy to send you the savings on your first box.

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