I’ll be okay.

I feel like Ange and I try really hard to always be as open and transparent with our followers no matter what topic we cover in our lives.

Although this blog has mainly been about fashion, today I’d like to open up about how I’m dealing with life lately.

To even begin to put into words the roller coaster of emotions I’ve personal felt this last week, is extremely hard.

It’s been so challenging.
I know many people in this world, are in the same shoes as me. But what a curveball my life became in a blink.

I’m reminded to breathe.

Truthfully, after I took this photo the other day, not even an hour later, I had my first mental breakdown about feeling “trapped” since being told I was unable to return to work until further notice.

Time is going to be used differently right now and I’m adapting to my new daily routine. But in this moment, I am very lucky to be healthy and strong.
I’m reminded I am not alone + many other people in this world are also laid off from their jobs they truly love.

Here are some things I’ve done to help:
3 mile walks outside ⛅️
watch little fires everywhere 🔥
watch frozen 2 ❄️
organize and clean 🧽
listen to books on audible 📖
yoga + meditation 🧘‍♀️
journaling 📓
1000 piece puzzle 🧩
coloring books 🎨
cooking 🍳
eliminate screen time 👩🏽‍💻
video chats with close friends and family 📱

Although the future is uncertain, humanity has proven time and time again that we will overcome this, and when we do get to return to work, at some point, we’ll arrive with a new appreciation and drive.

Air hugging from a distance to my family, friends , and all of you reading this morning.

These next few weeks will be tough. This is such a weird time for everyone. I’ve done a hell of a lot of crying, and I’m sure more will come.

I’m here for you. Blogging is such a beautiful platform that people are able to be honest, raw, and comforting to others.

I’m sending strength and love your way.

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