Sunday, the only day I remember lately 😆

As time continues to be unpredictable for me, and adjusting to the whole new routine at home, one thing I can always count on is my Sugarbearhair. I’ve taken these vitamins for as long as I can remember. It’s a supplement that’s not only tasty, but has been super helpful to my lifestyle, from hair growth to sleep routine 💤

I love that Sugar Bear Hair offers a trio kit , and monthly subscription so you never have to run out! They always send little gifts with your vitamins, to add to the excitement of getting your package! With my package this month I received these darling bear sunglasses 🕶 📦

What each bear does for you and me: 🐻

Blue Bears :: HAIR: with Biotin, Folic acid, and Vitamin D, you’ll have shiny, long hair in no time. With a sweet berry taste to get you through the process.

Pink Bears :: MULTI: with Omega-3, Vitamin B-12, C, D-2, E, and more, putting my mind at ease knowing they are supplementing anything I might be missing in my daily diet.

Purple Bears :: SLEEP: perfect for my horrible insomnia nights lately thanks to #quarantinelife. So a little melatonin in my nighttime gummies, assures me a good nights rest 🌙

So if you’re looking to have a tastier lifestyle right now, sugarbearhair has got you covered.
Cheers, friends! 🥂

Order yours today Here

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