Let’s ROOT and GROW together

Welcome to the fam, lil fern 🌱💚
I figured adding a few plants during quarantine isn’t the worst idea. So thanks to Bloomscape, I was able to find this guy and have him delivered right to my doorstep.

I was so excited to have a little package come this week for me. I feel like anything that seemed so small two months ago, is so important and big in my life right now. I’m learning more and more about my Enneagram during quarantine and how some parts are so spot on.

So when I opened my Bloomscape package and held my bird firn I said, “hey lil buddy, welcome home 😆” I instantly laughed at myself and said, yep I need a social life again.

But they say speaking kindly to plants helps them grow so, can you imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do, especially right now?

So I have every intention of saying, good morning to my plant family and to start the day on a positive note. It’s crazy to think that just a year ago, I didn’t have a single plant in my house.

But fast forward to today. I’m grateful for my mentor plant mom + friend, Emmy. Who introduced me to the world of plants. She got me started on a good group of beginner plants and to this day are thriving! She broke it down for me how house plants shouldn’t be scary and how much they can change the energy in your home. She told me that planting is all about trial and error. You’re going to have some that just don’t make it, and that’s okay! But that shouldn’t stop you from at least trying.

More so than normal, she’s constantly checks in on me and my plant babes! Some things I’ve learned from the pro herself:

Tip 1: get to know my plant(s) – with every plant being different and some needing more attention than others, finding the right routine and not over watering my plants is something to always remember.

Tip 2: finding the right spot – rearranging your plants is fun, but also remember that some plants need more light to thrive and survive.

Tip 3: be patient – some plants take time to accumulate to their new home. Don’t panic, just enjoy watching them grow and no plant is perfect! They have flaws too!

With all these great little pointers, I learn from her daily, I reached out to Emmy asking her about some tips and tricks for being an incredible plant mamma. Here’s what she had to share:

“When you’re buying a plant, really consider where you want to put it in your home. Understand what the lighting is like in that spot and if it’s a humid or dry room.

Research what type of soil is best for the plant and what type of watering schedule it likes.

Most plants enjoy pots that drain! Water your plants in the bath or outside to avoid making a mess of water draining out the bottom. 

Don’t water your plants with water straight from the faucet/hose/etc. You should use distilled water. The easiest method to distill water is to just let it sit out overnight before watering. I have empty milk jugs of water sitting all over my house. Pro tip: dump that glass of water you always leave out next to your bed into a plant in the morning. 

Some plants die and that’s okay 😊”

Some of her favorites captured in her household
Picture 1: (top left) Ficus bonsai tree
Picture 2: (top right) Golden pothos. * Easy plant for beginners!
Picture 3: (bottom left) Pink aglaonema
Picture 4: (bottom right) Pilea peperomioides also called Chinese money plant

Literal plant goals.

Thanks for exploring the plant life this morning with us. In a time where we all need it a little bit more, Let’s root for each other and let’s grow together as one 💚 Happy Sunday


One thought on “Let’s ROOT and GROW together

  1. Linda Moore

    Very nice!!! I will root something for you today so you will have a piece of Emmy’s mama’s house for your house when this is all over. Xoxo


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