One thing I look forward to each day while staying at home is cooking a delicious meal. As fun as take-out is, the satisfaction of eating something I took the time to prep, cook, and serve can’t be beat.

BirdsEye products make it so quick and easy to meal plan and make delicious meals at home. Enjoyment is always just seconds away! I love their convenient Steamfresh packs so much. These products are always on my shopping list and in my freezer. I have always kept a bunch on hand, and that’s been great lately to help me make mouth-watering meals at home!

I’m sharing one of my favorite meal plan recipes below! It’s a weeknight go-to because it has very few ingredients and a very simple recipe to follow.

Viola!!! 😙🤤

I love incorporating BirdsEye products in recipes, especially this one. Sweet potatoes can take a long time to cook yourself, and the pre-cooked Chef’s choice sweet potatoes force less time for cooking and more time for eating!

If you make this recipe, please share and tag @inourstyleblog and @birdseye so we can see your drool-worthy creation!

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