First Trimester Essentials

Good morning readers, and happy MDW!

I’ve compiled a list of products and items that I found to be essential in getting me and Baby E through my first trimester for today’s blog post. I’m very honest and up-front when it comes to why I recommend these products in hopes of providing helpful opinions and guidance to someone else.

I’ve created a shoppable product page of all of these items (plus my MDW outfit) in the app.
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In addition to my prescribed prenatal multivitamin, my OB/GYN strongly recommended an additional DHA supplement. This type of fish oil is important for baby’s brain and eye development. I promise that these capsules don’t have a fishy smell or after-taste and the recommended dosages is two capsules daily which can be taken along with a prenatal multivitamin.


Another supplement that was recommended to me by my physician was a Vitamin B6 supplement… only this time this supplement was to help me! I found these little orange-flavored dissolvable tablets that contain only 10mg of Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine. It is a children’s vitamin but the dosage is appropriate for what I needed it for. It is encouraged that at this dosage of 10mg, three times a day, the vitamin can help the body’s nervous system calm nausea. Instead of just morning sickness during my first trimester I felt nauseous almost all day every day. These tablets provided some relief throughout this time and they don’t taste bad either, even during strong food aversion and nauseous feelings.


A friend told me about this book and it was one of my first purchases once I found out I was pregnant and had my first appointment with my doctor. The cover’s headlines seem a little “gimmicky” but the actual content of the book is really valuable. The author, Emily Oster, is an economist (as well as a mom) that specializes in medical economics. In her book, she breaks down every restriction or recommendation made to women during pregnancy, then presents the data from the medical studies that “support” these recommendations in easy to understand context. This allows women to investigate and dig deeper into why they are being told to avoid certain things and then be able to weigh the benefits versus risks to make their own educated decisions about their changing bodies during pregnancy. I found it to be so helpful, factual, and insightful.


Just trust me on this one. 😳 Get it, take it daily, and have it on hand from the beginning. I won’t lie I could not get past the terrible orange taste or the gritty, thick, gel consistency that formed in the bottom of my glass when mixed with just water. BUT my thoughtful and caring husband experimented a little and came up with a delicious Metamucil smoothie recipe that completely hides all of that awfulness and is healthy too! He simply blends the recommended serving of Metamucil with fresh strawberries, banana, almond milk, and ice. He is the best! ❤️

Peep his cute feet standing there, making sure I drink my smoothie and not just photograph it 🤣


I became bitter very quickly once I started to develop terrible hormonal pregnancy acne on my chin pretty early on. I kept saying that I did not sign up for breakouts and I was sick of waiting for my pregnancy “glow” to arrive! In reality- it is very common for moms-to-be to battle with this unsightly acne occurrence during the early stages. There isn’t a good option for pregnant women to use to treat acne that is safe and/or will actually work. I found that a consistent basic skin care routine, wearing less makeup, and this facial toner with Witch Hazel helped to relieve the redness and inflammation associated with the acne. In my second trimester I’m still struggling a little with occasional breakouts but they are definitely resolving a lot faster and I’m less concerned about the residual redness or scarring that can occur. I still use this toner daily to help even out my skin.


I’ll be the first to admit that prior to my pregnancy I was not ever well hydrated. I never made drinking water throughout the day a priority at all. It is a common misconception that pregnancy makes you hungry and that you should eat for two. In fact, I had many food aversions at first and my diet became so basic I could only really enjoy PB&J sandwiches and cold cereal for a while. I was eventually told that it is way more important, especially during the first trimester when someone is already nauseous and could be vomiting daily, to drink more water. I had to force myself to make it a habit to drink a lot of water and this water bottle helped me. It’s insulated so it keeps my water cold for days and is a good and more affordable dupe for a Yeti, Swell or Hydroflask bottle. The size is the reason I chose this bottle- I have the white 64 oz (1/2 gallon) size with the straw lid, so I don’t need to keep filling it up throughout the day to make sure I’m drinking enough. I made it a goal to drink two of these (1 full gallon of water) a day and I made it to that goal after only a couple weeks. Yes- of course I find myself making more frequent restroom trips throughout the day, but in exchange the water has kept my body well hydrated and I feel better overall: more energy, better skin, less headaches, etc.


This product is typically recommended or discovered by moms later on in pregnancy but I bought one after only 2 months. My sleep changed so much in such a short amount of time and I have always valued a good night’s sleep. I wanted to get in the habit early of using a pillow that would keep me in the most comfortable and safest position throughout my pregnancy. I tried another option prior to this brand and it just wasn’t right for my body. The Snoogle is the perfect firmness, and can be adjusted and used in so many ways. I sleep soundly and I don’t move at all during the night with this pillow around me. It is supportive of my back, knees, and growing belly.


This is the item that I included for you all on my first trimester list in hopes that someone will listen to my advice and get new bras sooner rather than later. Simply put- the lacy, underwire, push up bras that you were wearing before will quickly become a thing of the past. Truth time- my boobs were the first changes to welcome me to my pregnancy. They got really big, really fast, not to mention sometimes sensitive and painful. My old bras didn’t fit and were too uncomfortable, so much so that I started to prefer sports bras just for the support. That simply wouldn’t do in the long term so I tried a few brands before finding this affordable set to recommend. These are seamless, comfortable, supportive, and adjustable. They are also for nursing so I will be able to continue wear these once I start breastfeeding.

I hope you find this list to be helpful if you’re expecting, or if you’re looking for a thoughtful and useful gift for a pregnant friend or family member. Check back in the coming weeks for my second trimester must-haves!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! xo

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