A New Found Hobby


I’ve been keeping my little hobby for a secret the last few weeks, because I wanted to be sure I had plenty to share. Giving you all my favorite pieces I’ve created in one area.

We all know my first love and passion is hair. Today actually marks my EIGHT year anniversary being a hairstylist. I am so fortunate to love the business so much, that it feels like yesterday I was just graduating. But I feel like I get asked a lot, “what do you like to do in your free time when you’re not working” And I literally didn’t have an answer. Because my heart and soul has truly been hair the last eight years. So without work right now I had to find SOMETHING to do, since hair just isn’t an option. So a few glasses of wine later, I guess you can say I found my new side gig.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

ONE: Dahlia Flushmount dupe


Literally this project is what started all of this. Andy’s sister and I were talking a couple weeks back about how much we loved beaded chandeliers. She’s redoing a bedroom in their new home and talked about Pottery Barn having some of the best unique bohemian home decor. But to be completely honest, neither of us ever really imagine spending $300 on a light fixture but when it’s gorgeous you consider it. DUH

The more I looked at the Dahlia Flushmount, I thought, I could recreate this for her; for half the price if not double the price. I crossed fingers and toes + said let’s do this!

Items I purchased

1. (1) 12 in. Hanging Basket

2. (3) Variety Packs of 650pcs Wooden Beads (using the 8mm 10mm 12mm and 14mm)

3. Twine for attaching the beads and wrapping the rim

4. (1) 14 in. Embroidery Hoop

5. White all purpose spray paint

My first time EVER tackling a project like this. But I knew if I took my time and found a way to make it a little more special for her, it would turn out perfect. AND IT DID. PHEWWWWWW.

So after a few days of resting from that, I said let’s keep going. This is the time I’m able to explore and try new projects. It’s all about trail and error, right? So below are some work-in-progress items!

TWO: Somewhere, over the rainbow wall hangings + keychains

Items I purchased

1. 20 Gauge Colored Copper Wire (Silver)

2. Hot Glue Gun

3. Colored Yarn

4. Cotton Rope

THREE: Macrame Wall Hangings Feathers and Tassels

The more I searched for Inspo for these the more these continued to pop up. I credit all you true Macrame crafters out there! This is truly a fun relaxing hobby I think I will enjoy. It definitely takes some time, patience and repetitive motions but how incredible it will feel when it all comes together. It reminds me so much of my job. The techniques and creativity side to it! It’s truly a piece of art!

I’m really looking forward to spending some more time creating and learning with macrame.

FOUR: Wooden Hoop Wreaths + Projects

After working on the chandelier, I had leftover beads I wanted to use up! To creating some great home decor for myself, friends and family, I was able to make some really fun pieces.

If I have any advice to someone who’s always wanted to try a new hobby, this is the time to do it, seriously. You’ll never be ready or prepared. But that’s what it’s all about. From experience, It has really helped me enjoy my time alone while Andy is still working hard. It’s keeping me off scrolling social media for hours and hours. And my anxiety truthfully has been so much more tamed.

If you have any questions, or might have a little side project you’d like me to try and tackle, I would love for you to reach out ❤️

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