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Baby E is a little boy! 💙

Hi again readers!

Another Sunday is here. I’d again like to take the opportunity to continue to use this time and space to bring more attention to topics that really matter.

I want my son… (that’s right! Baby E is a little gentleman!) to be brought into and grow up in a world filled with love and acceptance for all. I’m very well aware that conflict is a part of life. Humans aren’t all alike, our uniqueness and different ways of thinking, for the most part, make this world the beautiful diverse planet that it is.

But knowing how to be accepting of others no matter how different they are and embracing others’ differences is such an important life lesson that I want to instill in my child, who will be just one member of the future generation.

I recently learned that the American Academy of Pediatrics states that children can internalize racial bias between the ages of 2 and 4. Though initially I found this astonishing, it just speaks to how important it is to begin introducing diversity early on in a child’s life. And to me that doesn’t necessarily just mean racial diversity, especially with this month of June being Pride month for the LGBTQ community.

This is my first child. I’m not ever going to be a perfect parent, but I’m going to try my hardest to be the best mother to my son, and to me that means helping him to become the best person he possibly can be. To not only be smart, and kind, and a gentleman, but to be able to peacefully co-exist and hopefully positively impact each person he will meet.

I’ve continued to listen and learn and think of better ways to commit to this cause over the past week. I think that the best way I can fulfill my promise to contribute to ending inequality is through the opportunity I’ve been given to influence the way in which my son is raised. I of course will apply these principles in my life and actions as well. We will not tolerate racism or prejudice in our home, we will love, and we will constructively communicate and use our voices when they are most needed to speak up for those that cannot.

Today I’d like to share a few children’s books and movies that I have added to our collection for Baby E that touch upon current important topics such as diversity and acceptance in an age appropriate way. I’ve also linked where to purchase them below. None of the links are commissionable so this list is not posted on our, the links are there for you to solely support the diverse authors and creators in their ventures to continue to spread love and knowledge.

1. Dream Big, Little One – by Vashti Harrison is an adorable hardcover board book that features 18 extraordinary Black women in history. It’s “the perfect little good night book to inspire big dreams.” I want my son to have diverse role models and admire men and women in whatever his aspirations become.

Purchase here: on Amazon for $6.00

2. Woke Baby – by Mahogany L. Browne is another little board book with a big message of empowerment. “Woke babies are up early. Woke babies raise their fists in the air. Woke babies cry out for justice. Woke babies grow up to change the world.”

Purchase here: on Amazon for $7.00

3. Ruby Bridges – I remember watching this movie when I was in school, probably elementary school and even at such a young age it touched my heart. Based on the true story of Ruby Bridges, a 6 year old in 1960 who bravely faced racism and segregation while attending elementary school herself. Segregation of American schools still happened just 60 years ago. Ruby Bridges is still alive today and is witnessing the current racial injustices. This movie is created by Disney and is rated PG, so I will have to wait until baby boy is a little older, but it will be on our watch list.

Available to stream on Disney+

4. Love Makes a Family – by Sophie Beer is a fun, inclusive, and exuberant book that celebrates the one thing that makes every family a family: love. The illustrations are so colorful and the families featured are diverse in race and gender, and no matter what a family “looks” like, it can still be a happy one.

Purchase here: on Amazon for $7.00

5. And Tango Makes Three – by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell. Mirroring the couples’ life, their award winning book is about two male penguins who create a family together. It is such a sweet story and I learned it is also based on two real male penguins that fell in love in New York City’s Central Park Zoo.

Purchase here: on Amazon for $8.00

Although this is a short list, I hope you consider purchasing and immersing in one or all of these creative pieces with your own family. If you have anymore titles you’d like to share please feel free to send them my way! These books would also make great gifts!

Have a good week! xo, Ange & Baby Boy E 💙

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