Personal Growth

My City finally got the 🟢 light which means, time to return to the job I lost almost 100 days ago due to COVID-19.

As I begin my final week being unemployed, I wanted to share my personal growth experiences the last three months with all of you. I wanted to do this post today to reflect who I was only three months ago, to who I am today. I feel like this truly was something I can walk away from and be a stronger and better person from it.

I remember the moment my boss called us all in for a Zoom meeting around 12:00pm Monday March 16th, 2020. The news had broke that our town was forced to shut down everything for two weeks due to COVID-19. My first instinct was to immediately break down and cry. Why? The initial shock of, how will I pay my bills? How can this be happening? Is this really only going to be two week? The feelings and thoughts were emotionally endless.

14 went by, still quarantined. 30 days later, still quarantined. 60 later, no set date. 90 days… potential hope. But again, a virus 🦠 has no time frame.

Now when I tell you that this pandemic really was a huge growth for me, I truly mean that. It was first time in probably ever that I was forced to sit in my own thoughts and not have any distractions. Choosing how I wanted to spend my days. Directing myself to new activities or old ones I forgot were therapeutic to me. Nothing could over see anything I was thinking or feeling. Work couldn’t take over my life to help me forget who I am.

If you asked me three months ago, what Allie’s life was, the answer would of been hair. For the last eight years being in the most beautiful, fast pace, growing career, it’s been everything to me. It was the hobby I said if someone asked me what mine was. It was the most challenging but also most confident thing I had in my life that I knew was a comfort zone for me. I became so passionate in my job that I honestly feel like I lost a little bit apart of who I was as JUST Allie.

Hair is my life, but it’s not my WHOLE life. It’s only about 25% of who I am. And for those who truly know me, know this is damn TRUE. I love my job, and I’m one of the many but also few who say that and honestly mean it.

This pandemic has really helped me recreate who I am as a person, for myself, as a family member, as a friend, and as a partner. I’ve been able to regain strength and happiness for myself. I have been able to read books I never thought I’d pick up. I was able to explore parks and areas I haven’t been to since I was a little girl. I was able to start a new craft I honestly enjoy so much it feels so therapeutic and stress free.

My goal is to continue to do these things that make me happy. This is a time that being selfish is seriously okay. Don’t sell yourself short but also be stern that you’ve got time and you can be anybody you want to be.

My job will understand. My clients will support me no matter what. Time is soo precious but so is my health, my happiness and my strength.

I look forward to going back to work. But I’m also reminded that, I have a wonderful life outside of it. Saying no doesn’t make me a bad person, not feeling guilty about over working so I can spend time with the people I love very much, and finally being able to just be me, AGAIN.

This year has truly been an eye opener.

We are already 6 months into 2020, but in my own experiences it’s been such a learning curve for me. And probably one of the years I will look back on and remember every detail I’ve felt.

Xo, Allie

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