Second Trimester Essentials

Hi there! Ange here- and coming at ya with the second post in a series of pregnancy related product posts.

If you missed my first trimester list click here:

I’ve compiled another bundle of products and items that I found to be essential in getting me and Baby Boy E through our second trimester for today’s blog post. I’m very honest and up-front when it comes to why I recommend these products in hopes of providing helpful opinions and guidance to someone else.


The warm weather has hit and we are fortunate enough to have a pool at home so I can cool off! But alas, most of my regular swim suits don’t fit right now so I needed to get some maternity swimwear in a pinch! I turned to Amazon and, per usual, I was not disappointed. The suits I chose are affordable, full coverage, padded, and have extra stretch room in the belly!


At this time in my life, these pieces are less about smoothing and shaping and more about compression and creating a barrier. I wear a lot of stretchy dresses lately and have since experienced some chaffing. These shapewear shorts are light weight and breathable but provide the belly support and leg barrier that I need to keep me comfortable all day long.


I have never been one to wear shorts in the summer a lot, especially tight spandex-like ones, despite their growing popularity. However- growing and carrying another human in my body is a hot and sweaty experience and I’ve turned a new leaf towards comfort. These shorts are made of the softest legging-like fabric and are a flattering length on me. I have the black and navy but this style comes in a bunch of other colors too.


On trend with the previous item, what has also helped to make me feel good during the second trimester has been prenatal approved yoga, stretching, and walking. Once my energy levels started to increase and my overall improvement from my first trimester to my second, I’ve tried my best to increase my activity again. My husband and I have the Mirror set up in our basement so I am able to take classes off the app whenever it works for my schedule and in the comfort and privacy of my own home. The nice weather has also made it easy to motivate me to get outside and walk. It’s been proven that moderate exercise during pregnancy helps with stress, blood pressure, and feeling physically better overall. A lot of the prenatal stretches I practice during yoga are also meant to help strengthen certain muscle groups to prepare me for labor and delivery. I have also been focusing and practicing on good breathing techniques for this time as well.


As if being honest about my chaffing earlier wasn’t TMI enough… new underwear should also be something on every pregnancy list. This set is made of breathable cotton and has full coverage. The waists sit just under my growing belly and they also don’t create or show any unwanted lines. Just trust me! 😉


These were gifted to me by my sweet and thoughtful family and they have truly been a God send. I’ve made time to take semi-frequent baths to help me unwind and de-stress. Also, “everything hurts and I’m dying” is usually a quote I use daily at this point. These bath salts in a warm soothing bath help my aching muscles and joints and decrease the swelling I sometimes get in my feet and ankles.


So much honesty in one little blog post- the joys and beauty of pregnancy! Lots of hair growth happening, and not just from my scalp. All of a sudden I get these embarrassing and unsightly mustache and chin hairs that sprout out of nowhere and I never want to be without removal tools. I keep a lighted, magnified compact mirror and tweezers in my bag wherever I go… just in case!


When I say “HEART” you say “BURN”! HEARTBURN! 😭 literally after eating everything or sometimes just because! I need rescue therapy STAT and Tums are recommended safe during pregnancy. Be sure to follow the instructions and recommendations on the label.

I’ve created a shoppable product page of all of these items in the app.
Click here:

I hope you find this list to be helpful if you’re expecting, or if you’re looking for a thoughtful and useful post to share for a pregnant friend or family member. Check back in the coming weeks for my third trimester must-haves!

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